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The next generation lenses or PREMIUM lenses can correct defects like astigmatism and  help you  see near, far and in between usually without the help of bifocals or reading glasses.

A TORIC  lens is used to correct preexisting  astigmatism. These lenses will improve your distance vision. However most patients will still need glasses for tasks such as reading or working with a computer.

A MUTIFOCAL lens is designed to give you a full range of vision from near to far.  While you will decrease your need for glasses for your every day activities, you may still need reading glasses to read very small print and in low light conditions.  Independence from glasses is achieved in about 80% of patients.

The new TORIC MULTIFOCAL lens will correct both.

Cataract surgery with Toric Lens

Cataract surgery with Multifocal Lens

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